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To develop this technique so that it is hardly distinguishable visually from the

original. We offer you modern technology that makes your oldtimer safer and in

accordance with the law.

New Dynamo L / 7 - 6V /80W - 12V / 100W
For all Twins from A.J.S and Matchless Bj. 1949 - 1957

 Dynamo L/7 


Dynamo L, L/2, L/3, L/4, L/5, L/6, L/7 



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New Shock absorbers  for BMW R50/2 - R51/2 - R51/3 - R67 - R67/2 - R67/3 - R68  

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Power tools - Magnetos -Electronic ignition - Shock absorbers - Gears


Our dynamos operate with the latest three - phase current technology, are silent and have no 

idle gear. In addition, the Dynamos have very strong machine bearings as well as a continuous

rotor shaft and are all equipped with electronic Controllers.

This construction guarantees the robustness and longevity of our dynamos.


- Light machines -



Our Magnetos work with newly developed neodymium magnetic waves and new centrifugal

controllers. The shafts are very robust built and stored with machine bearings. This construction

guarantees us robustness and longevity of our Magnetos.

 - Magnetos -

- Elektronic ignition -

Our shock absorbers also have an old look with new technology and improved function thanks

to newly developed oil valves.

With our technology, oldtimer driving is really fun

                                                                                              - Shock absorbers -


- Classic - Junak - Parts -

 New Product: Tuning toothed wheels with helical gearing Complete 7 pieces

(See Junak Spare Parts)





We are also the specialists for Junak with 32-year experience. 

 We have the largest Classic Sfm - Junak spare parts store in Germany.

With spare parts for all Junak models such as Junak M07, M10, M10 transition model, M07 and

M10 with sidecar and B20 tricycle transporters.

Junak is a polish cult motorcycle since the 50s and 60s.

It is probably that the best known and the only 4 - stroke motorcycle of polish post - war history.

- Events Trade Fairs 2021-


Veterama Mannheim 

We are with our sales stand on 08- 10.10.21 there

Outdoor Area 6 - Stand # 301


Our stand - Sales stand



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