Old - Motorcycle - Parts


                                                                                                 Our team:

                                                                                Manager Director Kinga Kaik


                                                                                  Sales Managment Artur Kaik 

We are a young company that has set itself the goal by

expert advice and personalized service to meet your wishes

enter into and to accomplish this quickly  to your complete satisfaction.

We are successfully on Ebay and have 100% positive feedback.

Our Ebay Nickname: "old-motorcycle-parts"

We have made ​​it to our task, your in the restoration of your

Oldtimer to help and in search of cheap and suitable parts to support.

We can help you with advice and offers, around the motorcycle,

so unerringly find their way around.

Together with you, we can quickly and expertly matching

Parts for your oldtimer.

With us you are at the right address.