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- Shock absorber  BMW R12 -

We offer completely new shock absorbers for BMW R12.

The outside dimensions are the same as for the original shock absorbers. 

The shock absorbers have a different inner construction than the original.

The modernizations:

- The upper guide bushing is made out of bronze, which improves the  

   cooperation between the standpipe and the bushing.

- The upper bushing is not pressed into the dip tube rather is screwed tight using threaded connections.

  This solution allows the part to be assembled and dismantled repeatedly without

  having to worry about the connection of the elements being lost.

- The bushing with the upper nut has retained its original external appearance,

  but the seal used inside has been modernly redesigned and is used to seal the reciprocating movement.

- The upper bushing also has two inner and one outer O-ring.

- Those help to seal the movable connection to the bottom part of the leg and an

  external O-ring which helps to seal the threaded bronze bushing screwed into the shaft.

- The inner damper set also includes a reciprocating wiper seal (shaft seal) that works internally with the support leg.

Oil quantity 150 ml per fork leg.
Hydraulic oil – HLP 46

We produce two types of standpipes.

A model with a pin for older fork bridges - the older type B.

And a newer type A - standpipes, which are mounted on a milled wedge seat.

The standpipes are heat treated and the working surfaces, bushing and lower bridge cones are grind in one operation.

Left-hand thread for the thru axle.

Warning !

These motorcycles were fitted with triple clamps from at least three suppliers during the production period.

If there are randomly selected fork bridges at the top and bottom, check whether they are at the same distance apart.

If fork bridges with different distances are used, problems with installing the front wheel axle can happen and the 

suspension can get stuck after assembly.

Link inner parts oil damper:  BMW R12

We also have corks, model A chrome, model B chrome and both models unchromed.

These should be purchased separately as required.

Are not part of the delivery (telescopic fork R12 A or B)

Can be found under - BMW R12 spare parts



Schock absorber for BMW R12 - Model - A

Part number: 00 1237 32A 12  - 1400,00 €

Schock absorber for BMW R12 - Model - B

Part number: 00 1238 32B 12  - 1400,00 €