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           - Shock absorber  BMW R51 - R61 - R66 - R71 - M72 - CJ750 -                                


We offer completely new shock absorbers for BMW R51, R61,  R66, R71, M72, CJ 750.

The outside dimensions are the same as for the original shock absorbers. The shock absorbers have a different inner

construction than the original. The shock absorbers are equipped with a special oil damping valve.

A better roadside  guaranteed. The shock absorbers cannot be distinguished from the original from the outside.

- Old model - M72 version up to. 1951

- New model - M72 version from year 1951

- Model - BMW R71 - BMW R66

The dip tubes are made of 40H steel and hardened to a hardness of 30HRC.

The material and the production are much better compared to the original immersion tubes which were very soft

under the Rockwell scale.

- Immersion tube inner thread 27 x 1.50 mm

- Immersion tube outer dimensions 36.00 mm

- Simmering 49,8 x 34 x 10

Oil quantity per fork 120ml. fork oil

For CJ750 the mudguard has to be fastened exactly as with old M72 motorcycles

Up to 1951 - Old version - 3 points fastening.


We ask for the two sheet metal sleeves, where the ones with the fork brackets Screwed (thread), with Loctite 542.

It is very important, since the sheet metal sleeves are not the best quality and it can occur that start to lick

The shaft seal should also be checked if these are exactly in the sheet metal sleeves sit.

These must not move freely in the sheet metal sleeves, since oil can leak there as well. Before starting the first shock

 absorber assembly, do not immediately tighten everything.

You should before the first drive the bolts of the fender, under the bridge and of the axle slightly so that the shock

absorbers can sit.

Only after the first drive you can tighten all the screws.

                                                                        Old version up to Year 1951                                                      

                                   Shock absorbers complete - old version for BMW R71, R51/3, R66, M72, CJ 750


                                    New version  from  Year 1951                                                      

                                                          Shock absorbers complete - new version for M72, CJ 750




Steel sleeves with Simmerrings 




                                                                               Corks shock Absorbers

                                                                                          Wheel axles gold

                                                                                           Wheel axles silver

Fender M72

Prices for corks and axles can be found at: ¬Parts M72



Schock absorber for BMW R51 - R61 - R66 - R71

Part number: 00 2232 41B 62  - 720,00 €

Schock absorber old model for M72 - CJ 750

Part number: 00 5112 32M 62  - 670,00 €

Schock absorber new model for M72 - CJ 750

Part number: 00 6122 33M 62  - 660,00 €